Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What to do if your camera software does not open while connecting your camera

Actually a better solution exists. As they say necessity is the mother of invention. Someone who invented the memory card reader must have had problems with the software and would have thought of a better idea.

When I was having problems with the software I went and purchased the following SD memory card reader from Zebronics.

This reader can read a variety of memory cards. 4 slots located on either side of the reader lets you read a variety of cards such as SD/MMC, XD, MS/MSPRO and CF/MD. Memory card readers can be read by most modern computers and requires no additional software which means that you can upload images from your camera to any modern PC without installing any software. Moreover if you have more than one Digital camera you do not need to install the various software and drivers for each of your cameras. Just one memory card reader will do. Most software are also bundled with additional image viewing and editing software that just add to the junk on your PC.

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