Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another quality product

The Canon EOS 500 film camera was my second SLR. I used to own a Russian Zenit that had the infamous Zeiss lens. I purchased the Canon in 1997 in Singapore and had been my trusted image-taking companion for over a decade. In 1997 it was advertised as the world's lightest SLR and it came with a 35m-80mm zoom. I later added a mountable flash, some filters and a 75-300mm Ultrasonic zoom. It has served me for over a decade without a hitch. Carelessness of someone with whom I had entrusted the camera for just a couple of minutes caused a crack in the outer glass of the display window on the top. Otherwise the Canon is perfect as it was the first day I received it.

Current Status: Happily donated.

I retained the 75mm-300mm telephoto zoom lens though.

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