Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If your CD's and DVD's you burnt aren't playing in your own drive

I was having these problems recently but I have found out why.

When you burn your CD's or DVD's watch out for the settings, particularly the option that allows you to burn more data later on a write-once CD or DVD if it has space left on the CD/DVD for the same. A burn only once option for a write-only CD/DVD is best.

Another trick on a write-once CD/DVD is to not overburn or burn to full capacity. There are softwares that let you overburn but I wouldn't recommend doing that. Another advantage is when you leave free space preferably 50 MB on a CD or 200 MB on a DVD the outermost areas that aren't burnt will not be affected if they are poorly handled. Fingers touching the outer edges can soil the CD or DVD and can prevent them from being read.

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