Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shame on Tata Sky's sports channels

Not one of the sports channels that normally people rave about on Tata Sky could show even a few minutes of live coverage of the Beijing Olympics and we had to watch all the action on good old Doordharshan. True we could watch NBA as if you were in the U.S but it is a shame none of the Beijing Olympics could be covered. Is it because the rights to telecast the Olympics were given to only Doordharshan? Or did DD outbid the other channels for coverage?

Doordharshan meanwhile hasn't changed one bit. Old people are sent to Beijing to cover the events. I am not against old people but isn't the event about youth and energy and competition? The most ridiculous of them all, showing ads in between the prime time live coverages. The Suzuki update would show a screen with information typed on it (silly stuff like who won Gold, Silver and Bronze or the medal standings etc) and the hosts would simply read them. Have you ever seen anything as ridiculous as that?

Although my initial intention of getting Tata Sky wasn't sports coverage of Beijing 2008 was sure a let down.


Barry said...

In the UK one of the most up and coming sports channels seem to be Setanta. I've recently subscribed to them after a lot of hype surrounding the new deals and packages that they have made available. Sky Sports in general don't seem to cover as much as they used to and don't seem to focus as much on football and other sports such as American Ice Hockey and Basketball.

Subash S L said...

Reliance one of India's big Corporates has launched their Sattelite TV service where all transmission is in MPEG4 format. Wonder if they cover sports better. It is too late anyway now that the Olympics are over. Thanks for writing anyway.