Friday, August 29, 2008

Latest update on Roopa

I had a talk with Roopa a few days ago and from her voice she sounded very tired. She told me she was just recovering from a bout of fever. She also told me she was in Abudhabi for a concert and that is why her phone was ringing when I tried to contact her for her birthday. How lame of me to have thought otherwise.

Meanwhile her songs from "Ramanan" continue to comfort my soul like a the greatest soothing balm there ever is, like medicine for your mind. Just don't miss "Kanana Chayayil" and others from the album.

Roopa also told me that her program for Onam is scheduled for the 13'th or 14'th on Amritha channel where she will be celebrating Onam with veteran singer Sujatha, Sujatha's daughter Shwetha and Vijay Yesudas.

Roopa is going to go places. I am sure you join me in whishing her all the very best.


Joyce said...

Hope you have listened to Sharat's songs from Thirakkatha. I thought of June R to be a disappointment, he has more than made up now I feel. My favourite is the song "oduvil oru" sung by both Sharat and Chitra. Both versions are good but the dynamics that Sharat provides on his version is mind blowing, but the recording left a lot to be desired and needs a lot of cleaning up. The sound engineer needs to have his ass kicked. I would love to hear your opinion

Subash S L said...

Hello Joyce, I listened to just one song because it was sung by Teenu Telence, one of the contestants on Idea Star Singer, 2007. I will post a review once I take a better listen. So much to do these days I struggle with time to blog.