Sunday, August 24, 2008

I save two more birds

This post actually should have gone before the "Kakka Pudichen" post. Had I saved or kept the young crow chick it would have been three weeks in a row of saving one bird.

The security guy who killed, cooked and ate a Koel chick I think was frightened that I would report him to "some" animal activist authorities that he promptly brought me an adult female Koel. This one was pretty tough to handle. The crows were incidentally chasing it and it seemed so desperate that it was trying to peck its own wings while I was trying to hold it. Blue Cross was kind enough to come and take it away. I took a snap of it on my film SLR and will post a pic when I process the film.

The very next day after Blue Cross took away the Koel I was handed over a Mynah chick, this time it fell into the motor room of our colony's water treatment room and it was unable to fly. I kept in the box for two days before Blue cross was able to come and take it away. By then it had eaten well, gathered enough strength and was also able to fly quite well. Here is a pic of the mynah chick.

But a most amazing thing happened when I put the chick into the box I have made for these rescued birds. I noticed a pebble inside. I picked it up and even dropped it back into the box. I first thought Chaithanya, my son would have dropped a pebble into the box but why? Instantly it hit me like a shot out of the blue. It was an egg! An egg the female Koel had laid when I had put in the box two days ago. Here is a poor pic I took of the egg. Unfortunately the focus on the photograph has been shifted to another spot in the image and the egg looks fuzzy.

I am trying to incubate it but I don't think the embryo has survived. It was probably dead in the first or the second day of laying the egg. Will let you all know if the chick hatches.

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