Sunday, July 06, 2008

Post Idea Star Singer and Super Star Global (2007) report

After months, yesterday I get a call from Roopa the winner of SSG. A few days earlier she had sent me a message saying how sorry she was for not calling as she was giving her exams. As I was unable to talk to her I replied a text message informing her about the same. Earlier I have been trying to call her but in vain. I realized after calling her dad recently that she was giving her exams. Roopa confirmed that yesterday. I didn't know she had Mathematics and Sciences in her Musical exams. That was really interesting. She asked me about Praveen and she also shared a similar story. She has also exchanged her Mercedes Benz that she won on the competition for a Maruti Swift Dezire and in the process also had to pay 9 odd lakhs as income tax from the prize money.

Najim the winner of ISS was lucky to have his share of the tax paid (I guess that is 15 lakhs) by the Confident Group and get the flat as prize.

Meanwhile Roopa's debut film song is out. It is for the film Madambi. I did tell her that it didn't bring out the best in her and that Shwetha's solo song for the film sounded better. She agrees the song was done more for music director's Jayachandran's promise to have her sing in a movie of his.

Meanwhile the ISS 2007 contestants have had a memorable concert in Dubai. One of them Varun J Tilak has also been offered a movie role. Varun was my initial favorite for the winner of ISS but somewhere down the lane he seemed to lose interest in the competition and eventually had to go out.

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