Friday, July 25, 2008

I and Blue Cross, cross each other yet again

Summer's almost going away and ocassional rains have made last year and this a lot cooler than the previous years where we had record highs for summer temperatures.

Last year around the same time I rescued a female Koel chick from attacking crows by taking it with my gardner and delivering it personally to Blue Cross. The parent crows in the farm beside my home were trying to look after three Koel chicks (wonder what happened to their own) and after a while one a male one succumbed to either starvation or injuries the two other females were luckier. One, as I wrote earlier got rescued. The other I kept in a box after rescuing it from pecking crows. But it was dead when Blue Cross came to fetch it. Another male chick I observed was being looked after well into adulthood by another set of crow parents. This year of two Koel chicks one female was caught by the security guy in the farm. He insisted he was going to look after it and I was suspicious about it. I later came to know that he had killed, cooked and ate it. How could anyone be so sick. I would have paid him to go buy meat instead. A couple of weeks ago they had left a dog to die there by just abandoning him. For days I misunderstood the cries of the dog thinking they must have left it tied up until one day I saw the helpless animal lying beside a tree. Blue Cross was kind enough to come and take it away.

The male Koel chick was lucky. I got someone to fetch it after I saw it lying on the ground being chased and pecked by crows. As a defense mechanism he tries to look ferocious by opening his mouth wide, pecking you (but it doesn't hurt) and making some noise which hardly resembles his sweet call that you are familiar with. Here is a pic of him in my hand.

I got a box made and put him there for the night. I tried to feed him but he would eat only very little. Blue Cross took him away yesterday.

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