Saturday, July 05, 2008

A lovely new addition to the family

The chipmunk I rescued, sleeping on the palm of my hand.

As if to take off our minds on Praveen whose passing away we still haven't overcome God sends us another life. This time in the form of an abandoned Chipmunk baby (I have stopped called it Squirrel) in Chaithanya's school. Both Adithya and Chaithu located it and no one at the school seemed to be caring for the little baby almost abandoned and helpless by its mother. In fact it would have been difficult for the mother to contact it anyway amidst the chaos of the school. I am surprised it wasn't finished off by the crows, a cat or a stray dog.

As of now it stays with my sister as her children have welcomed it as a pet. Here is a picture of me feeding the little one with with milk using one of those ear-drop/eye-drop bottles.

It is actually a miracle to see it feed on the tiny drops I put on its mouth. It hasn't opened its eyes yet. When it does I'll post another pic.

As a coincidence another chipmunk has actually build a nest (a second one) in one of the bathrooms of the first floor of my house. But I think it has abandoned it after sensing some intervention from the family members. They are very sensitive. When I removed the first nest thinking it was empty I actually found two chipmunk babies inside. Minutes after returning the nest to its position I was surprised to see the mother come to the nest and carry away the babies one by one in her mouth to another undisclosed location.

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