Sunday, July 23, 2006

Back from a break

The good news is that blogs are up in this part of the world after the Indian Government ordered all ISP's to block all free blog services. Nice to be back online again. Feeling much better after Yoga, meditation and exercises. Boy what a feeling to be healthy and free from those "dizzy" days.

Meanwhile the FIFA World Cup is over. The final was probably one of the most lacklustre matches there has been. France could have done better and plagued by Zidane's infamous head butting. The more you see it the more frightening it looks. There were some amazing goals, particularly the ones from Argentina, the David Beckam fee kick goal, double header from Klose and team-mate for Germany and others I don't recall now. Ghana, turned out to be African nation that played some good games. My favourite Germany finished third. I felt so sorry for Klinsman.

Anyway nice to be back online again. Watch this space.

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