Sunday, July 23, 2006

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While the world is watching and searching on the internet for information on the Paul McCartney and Heather Mills split let me take a moment to support Heather and Paul for all their valiant efforts to stop several evils that are being perpetrated on animals by the Chinese and lately to a lesser degree by the Czech Republic and other nations. It's a shame that several top models including Cyndi Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and singer Jennifer Lopez are causing extensive damage by showing themseleves in clothing made out of dog and cat fur and promoting the sale of the same. Heather has called for a total boycott and ban of dog and cat fur as thousands of cats and dogs are being killed and skinned alive (even puppies and kittens aren't spared) in China.

China, the nation that is fuelling the dog/cat fur trade have the notorious reputation of eating any living being on earth. They even ate humans. Reader's Digest published a fantastic story of "The Most Wanted Man in China". I don't recall the person's name but having escaped from HongKong he spilled the beans on the Chinese revolution where school kids killed and ate cooked parts of the people they hated including those of their teachers. Who can forget the notorious "bear bile" products. I remember the documentary some brave reporters had filmed with hidden cameras of captive bears in unhygenic and unhealthy (poorly fed of course) clandestine operations in several parts of China. Metal tubes were stuck in their bodies directly connecting the liver from where bile was periodically extracted.

China must be on the no.1 spot for cimes against animals. On the spiritual side I am reminded of PrabuPadha founder of ISKON who said, "Tragedies of the worst kind will be come to the those who ill treat women and animals."

Heather has literally ripped Cyndi Crawford who once said she would rather go naked than wear animal fur. Today as Heather says, Cyndi Crawford has sold her soul for animal fur. Check out her views at the following link.

Heather Mills Note

Heather and Paul also run effective campaigns to stop the barbaric hunting of seals and support for the rehabilitation of landmine casualties. Check out her site and spread the word on the cruelty being done to dogs and cats in China.

Heather Mills McCartney

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