Sunday, June 25, 2006

Will we see more of her again?

Just watched "Kanda Naal Mudhal" last night and we fell in love with the movie. It may be Laila's swan song but what a lovely movie. It is sad I missed this one on screen. Run and get the VCD/DVD. Quick and well paced with good editing the movie was so engrossing the movie seemed to happen so soon and it was over all. Very much worthy of a second-watch. Laila stole the show like she did in her previous good movie "Ullam Ketkume". Yuvan's music was great and so was the background music. "Pani Thuli", "Merke Merke" and "Kanda Naal mudhal" are lovely numbers that I also reviewed on my music blog. Good work by Prasanna and kudos to the director Priya V. Something really refreshing amidst the crap load of blood, screaming and vulgarity profusely used in Tamil movies these days. This movie is good for the family, with friends, with anybody who loves decent entertainment.

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Mustang said...

yup, that movie is truly sweeet... had the priviledge of meeting prasanna in the theatre and congratulating him as well.
laila works her charm in most of her wonder she's got a lot of people wound around her lil all the other actresses..