Saturday, December 31, 2005

"The Hindu" beat me to it on this one

I noticed that some of my posts preceded similar articles that appeared in "The Hindu". Both my "A Bevy of Beauties from Kerala" on this blog and "Yuvan's latest offering, a must listen" on my music blog preceded similar articles published in "The Hindu". I am in no way trying to imply that I am competing with the newspaper but it was interesting to observe the similaralities in the points of interest. I could have really nailed another big one had I only posted my article on the up and rising singing star from Kerala, Manjari. Ever since I watched her on one of the Malayalam channels and after Illayaraja's mega concert where she even dueted with him I thought a post was long overdue. Last Sunday "The Hindu" published an article on her. Anyway it is better being late than never having written at all. Read all about it on my music blog titled "Who is likely to replace Chitra".

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