Thursday, December 29, 2005

Shame on Aachi Masala's "Ungal Choice"

I am so upset at the horrible incident in today's episode that I didn't care to watch one bit of it afterwards and I give a damn for the show hereafter. I am sure even regular viewers would have been shattered at what happened. Karunas, the comedian, was the new guest of tonite's show. After the boring formalities by Uma I found Karunas beginning enthusiastically and humbly in the programme. Then the first caller called. She was asking Karunas several things to do, such as asking to say a favourite dialogue, a song to sing etc. all of which Karunas conceded to in perfect fan-gratifying fashion. Then came a question out of the blue and it hit all of us like a thunderbolt. The dumb caller had the stupid audacity to ask him, "How do feel now that you look like a negro?" Our jaws dropped. What the **** was that? Karunas must have literally given a slap in the face of an answer to that abominable caller but we should thank his modesty for not doing so. Uma did try to offer some solace but that wasn't enough. She should have never encouraged the caller or the question. But why would she do that? What is she and the production interested more in? The dignity of the host or the ratings of the program?

Although the show has had a very successful run Uma's lines have become very stale over the years. The fact that her star-interview-show (I don't remember the name) flopped so badly is testimony to the fact that she is unsuccessful with personal interviews. Without the ambience of her "Ungal Choice" show she will not be good at interviewing her current hosts either. Even if she could why watch a programme that is so poor both at controlling caller behavior and protecting the dignity of their guests.

How favouritism even goes for hosts. If the show can censor (how they fool viewers into believing it is a live programme) unfavourable questions asked to Uma why not do the same for the stars and guests of the show.

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