Friday, January 11, 2013

Changing Rose, you blow my mind!

Above, you are actually looking at two images of the same flower. I repeat "the same flower" and not two species of the flower or the flowers located on separate shrubs or plants.

There are just a few or maybe even lesser than a handful of people who could recognize this flower when I showed them the images above. It is called the Confederate Rose or the Changing Rose. The flower blooms white in the morning, turns pink in the afternoon and a deep red in the evening.

I took pictures of this flower in 2011 in Aratupuzha, Trichur at my aunt's place. It is surprising how nature can overwhelm you. I have been visiting Aratupuzha for decades and how I missed a beautiful flower as this is certainly intriguing.

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Susan Deborah said...

I thought only people change colour but here's a rose as well. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Joy always,