Friday, July 06, 2012

Satyamev Jayate Episode - 7, 8 and 9

I am making this brief because it has been three weeks and I haven't posted any comments on the show but here they are.

Episode 7 - On domestic violence against women.
Haven't I said it repeatedly from Episode 1, empower the woman by giving daughters a share of the family property and not the sons. The Malayali Nairs are doing it and so on. By the way in Kerala the courts have agreed for Muslim and Christian families to part with property for their daughters too. Thanks to the other communities like the Nairs for practicing Matriarchy and that which has expedited this court decision. Empowering the girl by giving the property does away with many social evils, such as dowry, domestic violence etc.,

Episode 8 - Pesticides
Several things came as a rude shock but I was happy the dangers of using Endosulphan in Kerala was mentioned. I had blogged about the same in my earlier posts. Sikkim becoming a fully organic state as far as agriculture is concerned, wow that was great!

Episode 9 - On the problems of drinking
For people like me who sometimes find themselves the odd men out in the company of drinkers this episode comes comforting when many hardcore drinkers have confessed that boozers are idoits. Though many friends and relatives of mine know their limits when it comes to drinking it is also surprising to find how many people have fallen for the spirit from the very first sip.

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