Thursday, June 14, 2012

Satyamevjayate Episode 5 and 6

In this episode Aamir and his team have just scratched the surface of a very huge problem but they did good to mention it nevertheless.

Loved it when Aamir mentioned how we had feelings of love towards the heroines he acted with, in his movies. That was precisely what Ingrid Bergman did in all her films. She was in love with her co-star, something Asin needs to learn and probably never will (that's another story).

It was heart-wrenching to watch one of the ladies who had come there to tell the audience how her family is suffering from the wrath of the local panchayaths and their laws, literally being ostracised from their society for taking legal action against the killers of her brother and his wife. The girl was crying  inconsolably that Aamir had to reach out and console her. I was also brought to tears when a family decided to surprise their daughter by getting her married again in a ceremony 25 years after she first got married against the wishes of her family.

Other than that I don't think the episode did justice to the topic that is so vast that it will need several episodes for a complete coverage and discussion.

But I was in for a surprise last week for episode 6 about the physically challenged persons and their fight for survival. Kudos and my prayers go out to Amar Jyothi, the school for the physically challenged children in Delhi, the parents of Nisha in Bangalore who shower love and affection on their adopted child, FOD run by a man in supine state from his bed and the Designmate organization whose employees are all physically challenged. May God bless them and give them the strength to go on with their lives. Fantastic show!

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