Sunday, March 25, 2012

My sister launches Chennai's first "Laundromat"

Our marketing guys were pretty sure as much as we were when we told them about the concept that this was a first of its kind in Chennai.

The response has been very pleasing on the opening day with people lining up as I write this at 9:42 PM.

Called Laundroroom and located in Velachery, the very-happening part of Chennai we are sure this self-service laundry is going to serve Velachery well.

It all started just a couple of months ago when a friend fainted one early morning at work. On enquiring she would tell me that after a horrendous bus journey the previous night she had to wake up at 4:30 AM to do her laundry before coming to work. I made a note of "scope for a laundromat in Chennai" then and it has now become a reality for my sister who was thinking of opening a "new kind" of business.

A view of the washers and dryers.

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Vivek said...

Amazing. Exactly what chennai need nowadays. What are the charges?

Subash S L said...

Hello Vivek, please refer the laundroroom website. On the first day we had an offer. The prices are explained under The Services link.