Saturday, March 31, 2012

La Pongal!, What a blast!

If someone were to ask me to pick the best of the three incarnations of Darbuka Siva and his friends (band mates, Pradeep, Susha and Kalyani Nair) namely, Harmonize Projekt, Yodhaka and La Pongal, I'll go for La Pongal.

Three or four weeks ago after purchasing Yodhaka's album (more on that later) and having heard that La Pongal has also released their debut album I couldn't resist checking them out. And man, what a surprise was in in store!

From the very first intro, the album simply rocks. Songs "Vandiyooru Kmmayile" have be listened to over and over again and as things stand show no signs of wearing me down.

You tube link of one of their live rocking performances is here. This song with improvisations and nice solos was even better than the original on the CD. Check it out here.

If you don't want to purchase the CD you can listen to the entire album here,

La Pongal

With shades of rock and reggae La Pongal have a great album that should actually be high on the world music charts. Sad what viral marketing can do to a song such as "Kolaveri" when a superb album as this is just waiting to be explored. Most of the songs are gems done very creatively with both western and Indian musical instruments. The songs and lyrics of the village folk, their dialects and lingo are also a pleasure to listen to. The popular ones are also available on YouTube.

And what a joy to know that Kalyani Nair who is the lead female vocal on "Harmonize Projekt" and "Yodhaka" is the very same Kalyani Menon who sang the beautiful "Adi Thozhi Adi Thozi..." in the Parthiban movie "Thendral".

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