Sunday, November 21, 2010

A once-in-a-blue-moon performance on Idea Star Singer

After some searching I finally managed to locate that incredible performance of Kalpana on Idea Star Singer season 5 which I don't think we'll get to see anywhere in the near future.

For all those (and that includes me) complaining about the dancers on ISS this performance was the answer.

(audio is slightly out of sync)

"Vaa Machan Vaa", the original song from the tamil film "Vandichakram" had some great songs and performances. The most infamous of them was this one which featured "Silk" Smitha and introduced her to the movies.

Kalpana added her own mix and masala and delivered a stunning performance with the dancers. She literally stormed the male bastion singing SPB's number. I wonder even if some guys on Idea Star Siger could come up with a performance.

Usha Uthup and Anoop gave a standing ovation while the ego-tripping and too-afraid-to-show-real-emotion Sharath and M G Sreekumaran remained seated. Check out the comments video too.

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