Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kerala bans endosulfan

What a joy to read this in "The Hindu" after watching the dreadful programme on Children's Day.

Endosulfan is one of the most toxic pesticides on the planet and used extensively on the Cashew plantations in India. India produces tonnes of the pesticide annually and a lot of it is exported too. Endosulfan was sprayed aerially on the crops in the Kasargod district of Kerala and the dangerous poisons in the compound found its way into the soil and water and finally humans and animals. According the website dedicated to the rehabilitation of the victims of this "chemical disaster" it was only second to the Bhopal tragedy with hundreds dying and hundreds suffering from various physical deformities and ailments, particularly children.

India is also strongly opposing a worldwide ban on the dreadful pesticide but at least in Kerala I am happy they have made a good decision.



Hi there!

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Subash S L said...


The victims of Sorga aren't so lucky. The compensation offered was a pittance and no serious activists to take up their case too. This was afterall a government operation not a private firm.