Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two marriage receptions yesterday

Actually invited to three but could make it to unavoidable two of them. Luckily the reception venues were at about 3 Km apart from each other.

The first was of Sathya's, ex-Vizualite where I could meet only few of my ex-company friends. Sathya ensured that for the music, songs were restricted to instrumental versions instead of blaring singing. There was even someone asking guests if the volume was ok. That was real sweet.

The second one was of Mr.Vishwanathan's daughter Sowmya who is a resident of our colony. Must mention that the food was awesome at the second reception. It was a nice feeling when the singer started singing "Thumbe Vaa" the malayalam hit of Ilayaraja in the midst of the Tamil numbers.

The nice co-incidence was the similarity of the garlands that the two couples were wearing.

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