Thursday, June 25, 2009

A song you'lI fall in love on the first watch

It was love at first sight. The song is "Picha Vacha Naal Mudhal" and is from Prithviraj's latest movie "Puthiya Mugham". The song is picturised quite well but it is the song, sung by Shankar Mahadevan and composed by Deepak Dev that is the magic. It has a touch of another song of his. BUT NEVER MISS THIS SONG, EVER! I have been listening to it ever since I saw it on T.V.

The only drawback is Shankar Mahadevan's Malayalam diction. Someone must have corrected it.

Come to think of it Jaya has the opportunity of talking to PriyaMani when they were shooting some portions of the film in Chalakudy during her recent visit. Didn't know it had this sweet number in it when Jaya called me many Fridays ago in all her excitement about talking to Priyamani then.

Why can't someone sing this on Idea Star Singer. Why sing the same old songs again and again and again every year.

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