Sunday, May 25, 2008

Where's the real music?

Madonna's latest (or so called latest hit video) with Justin Timberlake SUCKS to the point of indescribable DISGUST. Is there any song these days she can promote without lacing it with sexual connotations. I am sure she will continue doing her favorite "air-humping" moves even well into her 60's or 70's to promote her singles. I am also surprised how in today's easily-accessible-porno age people want to watch her or listen to her music because of her raunchy videos. When kids these days can watch angelic beauties (half Madonna's age), off the internet doing the wildest things why would anyone want to watch Madonna do her boring fully clothed (considering what is available for free online) silly sexual moves, in the name of great-dance, or great-music, in a video? It is like someone telling oneself "Oh I am so turned on. What do I do? I know, I am going to watch Madonna's latest video." I am appalled how Madonna has made so many hits this way or has the music listening audience gone completely nuts. I am not writing about the lyrics of these songs because they are hardly worth mentioning. Madonna's sure cashing on this dumbness anyway. These crappy videos have made her one of the biggest hit makers in music. Even those who defined the rules of blues and rock the foundation of all western music (not classical) today are gradually being forgotten and lost. Music these days seems to be a "marketing-thing" more than what it is really meant to be.

Someone please save the music from her.

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