Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year 2008, I miss the Scorpions

First of all, here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2008. 2008 is almost 9 days old.

I just couldn't afford to miss my friend Sridhar's wedding reception. If only I had been to his marriage I could have skipped the reception and I would have made it to the concert for which another friend also had a couple of premium passes. What a miss! And that too for a second time. It was fun though to see old Vizual staff at the wedding reception though. I compensate for this with a trip to Kerala and Vega Land with my brother and sister's families and our parents. A short and sweet trip just before the New Year. Just before the trip I lose my "Bolle" sunglasses at an Internet Cafe. I am quite sure who took it (it happened in a matter of minutes) but didn't tell the person so because I didn't see the person taking it or rather stealing it. I really miss the glasses.

This is also one of the first years where I did not send new year greetings via e-mail. I only responded to those who had greeted me via e-mail and via SMS. Work is dull as it is during this time of the year but it should pick up. With the hope and expectations and promises the New Year brings, let us move on...

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