Saturday, November 17, 2007


Ok, here is a "real" rocking band. On my recent trip to Kerala I was so fortunate to watch them on the Rosebowl channel and twice. Calling themselves the first ever Alternative Malayali Rock band "Avial" is a band to watch out for. Guys,note that they sing Malayalam. Yes Malayalam, and that's what make them stand apart. I was instantly hooked. Back in Chennai I tried searching their album (which by the way is long overdue and very eagerly awaited) on the regular sites but check out following links from YouTube. All their performances on Rosebowl are there. Awesome stuff!

Karukara must be your first song. (The girl in the band is not a permanent member of the band.)

the others:



Nada Nada

even the remixed video of Nada Nada is good.

Awesome stuff! Check them out.

Malayalees are you listening? If these guys go on with songs like these they are going to become part of culture.

Avial online is at

The other band that rocked was Bennet and the Band with stellar performances from Karthik, Jyotsana and Gayathri doing extended versions of popular songs fused with classical and western music. It was nice to watch these singers unwind and do something other than what they normally do.

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Subash S L said...

There is a slight "sync" problem with the video and music on the videos but it still doesn't take away the joy of watching them.