Sunday, February 18, 2007

What another great concert!

A respite from the agony of several things going on (my brother's hospitalized sick child, the death of pet dog after it was run over in an accident, my uncle's first death anniversary) last Saturday offered relief in the form of a fusion concert. On the Thursday before, only God knows how I had sped on my scooter to the Narada Gana Sabha to get free tickets for the Ganesh/Kumaresh concert. I spread the word around and my ex-company friends did not have difficulty getting their free passes too and what a great show. I wouldn't say the audio was as good as their previous "ticketed" show but it was certainly good for a free concert. For my friends (Sathya, Anand, Kandan and Marudhu from my ex-company) I am sure they are convinced a much better drummer than Sivamani really exists in the form of Arun Kumar. After the concert when I met Arun he recognized me from my previous visit. I gave him a small card with details of my articles I had written about him on my blogs. I gave similar cards to Ganesh too. Arun gave me his visiting card but he hasn't responded to my e-mail yet. I did mention to Keith about my friend bassist friend Ebenezer Deepak too. I regret I didn't call Ebey to the show. I also felt stupid later why I didn't purchase the CD and get it autographed by the musicians Ganesh and Kumaresh, Keith Peters and Arun. Some of the compositions were soul-uplifting. I am happy A.R.Rehman who released the CD and who presented the first copy to Vikku Vinayakram was present for one of those beautiful compositions. No wonder he said later in his speech that one of the reasons for his staying in Chennai was because Ganesh and Kumaresh were here too. As usual Keith and Arun never disappointed and with their solo's received repeated applause and cheers from the audience. Whoever made it to the concert received their time's worth. Though it was a CD-promotional concert it was as good as their previous performance.

My little one enjoyed it too. It was actually his first concert. After dinner at Kabul, located just across Narada Gana Sabha I was only wondering if the concert and the going out was a coincidence on my 10'th wedding anniversary that I had hardly mentioned to anyone, not even on the day after, on Sunday, at John Prabhakar's wedding reception.

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Congrats on the anniversary, mate.