Saturday, November 25, 2006

I make a different move

Come December 1'st and I go solo. I have decided to freelance for a career. The decision didn't come easy and took almost three months to convince everyone at home. With responsibilities and a home loan dangling like Democles sword over my head it will be quite a struggle but I have decided to go the freelancing way. It has been something I've been wanting to do ever since I started working way back in 1991, do something and be on my own. This is what writer James Allen also did at the same age of his life. But like James Allen I don't wish to die at the age of 48. With the blessings of God and the prayers of my people and the best wishes of friends I am sure I will make it.

This will also give me more time on my blogs which have been crying for content for a long time.

After three years of being at Vizual I am not sure how much I will be missed but I am sure I will miss them.

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