Friday, October 21, 2005

Navarathna Oil.....A Pain in the Head

Audience: Indian TV viewers, Those of you wanting to try the product

How deceiving the Navarathna Oil ad on TV is. Amitabh using it at a time when he did "Deewar"? Chiranjeevi seeing himself though his entire movie career with this oil? Whom are these guys trying to fool? This thing didn't even exist until a couple of years ago. I wonder how Amitabh and Chiranjeevi signed up for the ad with such a script.

And as far as the product is concerned, don't waste a dime of your money on this crap. It's menthol disguised as some ayurvedic oil. Does cool your head but it also gives you a bad headache with its strong and repulsive eucalyptus oil like smell. Try a small bottle if you are really curious.


Anonymous said...

not as a product - but this existed as a known cure for several things - primarily burn treatment, cooling salve etc.

the product is a dilute version of the actual oil.

in case of burns apply pure navratna oil ..not the product - and it will heal the burn, no blisters, no scars. i use it all the time

Subash S L said...

Hey Anonymous,

In that case it's even worse. It's like applying diluted Amrutanjan or Tiger Balm to your head.