Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A chain mail for some fun

We get them everyday, sometimes too many of them. The intent and the dissemination of the following e-mail is obvious. In fact I am sure many of you have read similar e-mails warning people of strangers in the night. However I am posting this one here for another reason. Read it and you'll understand why. Like a friend of mine commented, it's quite a masterpiece.

----- Original Message -----

From: XXXXXXX@xxxxx.com
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2005 11:06 PM
Subject: FW: [Fwd: Incident happened Yesterday Night....Please pass on Urgently to all IT Guys]


This is a story happened Yesterday in Hosur Road Madiwala. A guy named Vijayendra Kumar (Name Changed) an Embedded systems engineer working in one of the IT industry which is very near by St John's Hospital was walking late night may be 11pm to his room which is located near by to the office. Suddenly one of the girl who was looking like a family girl, she stopped Vijayendra and told that she is staying nearby JP Nagar and as she was looking nervous he asked any help is required ? She told I am very much feared of going in Auto at this time, Can you accompany me to my way home. I will pay you back while returning, This guy believed that and he thought
it may take few minutes to drop and return by auto from there and they started to find an auto. A auto which was standing quite far from some time suddenly driver came to him and asked "searching for an auto". She said yes and didn't asked where she wants to go and suddenly they started moving near JP nagar side.

After some time she started her story that she is from Pune and working in BPO and I am having my own vehicle Active Honda, while coming it got stopped and I had parked it on either side of the road where I met you. She was sitting very close to me and acting in different manners.

After traveling 2 kms, another guy near Bangerghatta road stopped the auto and whether he can accompany us, she told there is no problem and my side too. Suddenly the auto turned to some unknown area, where there were no houses or no one been seen. Suddenly the driver stopped the auto and showed the Knife which is very well known as "LONG" and they started to tie his mouth with some long cloth, Suddenly Vijayendra screamed to girl to run off, But one amazing thing happened that, She was one of the Gang member and observing that if anyone enters that road or not. She was just shouting Be fast Be fast................These two guys took 3000 Rs Cash, His Purse including all the Credit Cards and They tortured to tell the Pin numbers too.

They tied his Hands and Mouth from Some cloth and they warned him that, If you give complaint to the police.........You will be killed...............

All of sudden these three escaped with an auto, after some time he tried to remove cloth from my mouth and started walking towards main road and ................

As usual he gave complaint to the police and they are on their way to catch these Buggers.

" Guys, Don't ever drop any girls or Boys in the Late nights and You will Pay for that if you do so"

Just I request all the IT Guys, If you are leaving late night to your rooms or your residence. Please This is my Humble request that Never Drop any Unknown Guys and Don't mess with anyone During nights, as they will be fully drunked and they harm you for silly reason"

Please convey this to all of your IT friends......................................Its a matter of life

----- End of Message -----

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