Monday, September 05, 2005

Be aware of Amway

Audience: Prospective Amway Distributors, Existing Amway Distributors and others who wish to learn about Amway

Before you sign up to become the next Amway distributor or if you have already signed up as one here is a site that you must visit.

This is no run of the mill hate-Amway or anti-Amway propoganda site. The site is run by a former Amway Emerald, Eric Sheibeler. Those of you in the Amway business will be familiar with the Emerald status. Only a small elite percent of the Amway distributors world-wide have achieved this level. The site is certainly an eye opener. The content of the site and the images of the former Amway distributor with important Amway dignitaries including the founder of Amway, Rich De Vos seem very genuine and add credibility to the site and its reports.

Amway themselves are aware of web sites and reports against them and I believe that they are constantly taking legal action against them and this website is no exception. So rush to the site before it is shut down. There are numerous documents that you can either read or download, all for free. Don't forget the quintessential one titled "Merchants of Deception". This is a professionally written e-book that runs into over 300 pages and grabs your attention instantly from the very first page. It is an autobiographical account of the author's initiation into the Amway business, rise, downfall and eventual ruin as an Amway distributor. Along the way the author details the fraud and exposes the evil secrets of the trade. Several eminent people have endorsed the book and it is highly recommended if you are considering the Amway business seriously.

A brave effort by the author to educate the masses. Check it out.

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