Saturday, July 16, 2016

Medicos throw out a dog from the 5'th floor and even film it?

This cowardly and barbaric act happened just a few weeks ago and it was filmed by one of the medicos as the other went about his act. Just cannot imagine how the very people who are taught to preserve and save life indulge in acts as these.

While searching for some old videos I found one that I had shot way back in 2009. While living in Perungudi I and Chaithanya (my son) would pick abandoned puppies, look after them till they are well and then give them away to Blue Cross.We would either drop them or ask Blue Cross to come and pick the puppies.

What is amazing is the immediate and unconditional love a puppy can give you. Within hours it is playing with you as though you were its own. You in turn give it your all. As they say a dog wags its tail with its heart. Giving away the puppy to Blue Cross would leave an irreplaceable void in our home.

Here is one cuddled inside Chaithu's neck as he is sleeping.

This little black one had suffered a nasty bite on its back. I just can't get enough of staring at this little one.

And here is the video of one of those puppies, I uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

Here's a pic of the puppy that you saw in action in the video above.

How can an adorable thing as this be thrown from the fifth floor of a building. Contrary to what many people thought, the puppy thrown out of the building by the medicos didn't die. Even Wikipedia has a mention of this incident. You can read it here.

Link to the puppy throwing incident by the Medicos on Wikipedia

In Nagaland it is even worse because dog is considered a delicacy there. I am told it is very difficult to find street dogs in Nagaland. What horror!

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