Monday, March 04, 2013

If plagiarists are plaguing you...

Considering that fact that even leading newspapers in India and the U.K have resorted to "content theft" then what to say of petty thieves.

Now if you are considering all hope lost in your fight with these content thieves here's a solution.

While writing articles for clients some of them would tell me not to "lift off"  lines and content from other sites because they would run my work using a software called "Copyscape". Today "Copyscape" has emerged as one of the major tools to fight plagiarism. Though the service is not entirely free you can thwart content copiers with a free warning that says "Protected by Copyscape. Do not copy". The free service may also offer other goodies. It certainly pays to check their website. The paid services offer a lot more protection. Check the video and then the link below.



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Susan Deborah said...

I have this in my blog for ages. Thanks for this, Subash.

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