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Aamir's Sathyameva Jayathe - Episode 2

Before I proceed, just as Aamir requested on the show, if you are too young and don't wish to read a matured topic you may not find this post interesting and it would be in your own interest to not continue to read. If you do read and feel upset or disturbed, don't say I didn't warn you.

Aamir has certainly got the nation talking with his great show and by the time his second show was aired The Hindu has had a full page dedicated to the episode and was even asking viewers to write to them. Selected articles were published too. I particularly liked one that indicated how Aamir's show had given the other "money-shows" a run for their money. Today show was more intense and moving than the first.

Today's episode was about child sexual abuse. I got my 12 year old son to watch it. I think this show would have come as a rude-shock to those who didn't know how far child sex abuse has gone in India and what the nation has done in preventing this crime and mitigating the suffering that the victims have endured. I felt for all the victims on the show. May God give strength to the victims of these crimes to lead a normal life.

Did the show have any holes? Absolutely yes! Like the first episode, Aamir's team seem to have ignored to discuss the "root-cause" of this crime. Knowing how to report or protect children from child abuse was the priority but trying to find out why and how sex-offenders are made and why sex-offences are on the rise can go a long way in preventing these crimes from happening.

And what is the root cause? - Answer - A huge rise in Sexual Perverseness in our society today. Yes, there can be other causes too but not as big as this one.

Genetically I don't think India is a nation rife with the child sex-offense gene in the DNA and so it is difficult to conclude that child sex abuse is something the abusers inherited.

What we need to consider is that there are two categories of people. One, people with big or very big sex drives and those that can apply restrain and others with big sex drives who have lost control of their sexual appetites. The second category of people is what we need to concerned about.

Porn stars belong to the first category but how many of them are child-sex abusers? Porn stars or people with huge sex drives don't go to therapists to cure their huge appetites for sex. Instead we know what they do. Child sex abusers are a disturbed lot and they are the ones who need treatment. Like other mental illnesses these guys need to get counseling, therapy, whatever. One thing is in common. They are a pretty frustrated lot and the reasons for this frustration could me many. Chikatilo the Ukrainian serial killer who raped most of his victims confessed that he could achieve orgasm only when the victim would die and so he would kill his victims both young and older. So we are actually talking about a serious medical condition here and those that cannot be cured need to be taken care of in institutions or kept away from the society. In the U.S. sex-offences be that with a child or adult are marked against the doer of the crime and these records show up whenever a background check is made on the person.

Similarly we need to find out why certain people are interested in children only.  From what I have been reading some of the reasons that have been documented are - a)Gays and Lesbians who live with a lot of guilt in our society turn to children as an act of vengeance, b)Adults satiated with sex with other adults find only children satisfying, c) Adults who derive a morbid pleasure (or like Chikatilo discussed earlier) hurting children d) adults who don't get enough or find it difficult to find partners. I have just mentioned a few, there could be other reasons as well. Some of the abusers are have had disturbing childhoods and have been abused themselves. Chikatilo, the Ukrainian serial killer had a very disturbed childhood.

It is going to be a challenge for our Psychologists and Psychiatrists to try and find out a solution and if these child abusers cannot be cured or treated, drastic steps be taken such as punishments, fines, confinements etc., and most importantly we also need to offer therapy, counseling and treatments to victims to recover from the shock they have been through.

I saw a bias towards male child sex abusers. It might have been unintentional but several women, ladies and girls join this league too.  A male friend of mine then only in +2 was forced into sexual submission by a female relative almost 10 or more years older than him. Though I wouldn't call that rape it was abuse no doubt, the latter having taken complete advantage of the teen's age and submissiveness.

Now let us ask ourselves another important question. Why has sexual-perverseness become so rampant? Way back in 1982, and then in Std 9, the closest we could come to an erotic movie was a Tamil film called "Alaigal Oyvathillai" which is laughable if you know what school going kids are watching these days. Take a look at what the media and what the Internet is distributing. Today if our irresponsible MLA's can watch porn during an assembly proceeding you can imagine the sorry state of affairs. Porn of every genre is in the air, literally. Gazillions of them and of every imaginable genre are being downloaded off the Internet and being distributed. All you need is a smart phone or a computer with a high-speed Internet access to get to them. Then there are the videos being made. Videos of sex with young school and college girls have become infamous. A video of a leading actress was and probably still floating around the Internet. India now has a porn star lined up for a bollywood movie and soft-core erotic thrillers are already being made (Yes, Made in India). Item numbers are no longer confined to a Helen or a Silk Smitha and instead leading ladies are coveting them, calling them "prestige" roles. The film industry also has played a major role in "sexing" up the Indian society. Our movies are also filled with such stuff that were never seen before, like sex-offenders, serial killers all getting the more graphic. Gautam Vasudev Menon's "Nadunisi Naygal" is about a psychotic serial killer who is witnesses to his promiscuous father's sex escapades. Imagine how much a child sex abuser's fascination is set on fire with all such stuff around them. So what are we or our government is doing to curb this unrestricted distribution of pornographic material.

The show mentioned about two foreigners indulging in sexual abuse. Let us not forget the case of the infamous Delhi doctor and his male-servant who not only sexually abused kids but also murdered them. I wonder what the law has done to these guys. What about the innumerable raids of parties in the big cities. To the people with huge sex drives and who target children all these lead to a state of morbid no-control.

I did predict actress Sridevi would show-up on the show and boy was I right!

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