Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kajal Aggarwal shooting at my place of work!

I am astonished at how sometimes things you love so dearly can suddenly appear so close and so soon. It was only around last year this time I was watching her in "Magadheera", so many times and now Kajal is shooting in Chennai in the very place I work? Actor Surya is here too. As I was heading in that direction today, I did visit office and the floor where the shoot is going on. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see her or Surya. Should I stay put? Wait for her like those die-hard fans waiting to catch a glimpse of their idol? The security guy at our building was telling me that the unit was going to be there for both today and tomorrow. Unfortunately I have other work to do. Oh Kajal, how close and yet how far!

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