Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Singers to watch out for this ISS Season 5

No matter how hard I try to avoid Idea Star Singer, Ranjini and all the crap associated with Idea Star Singer, performances such as this one from Mridula draw me to the T.V.

The very pleasing Mridula impressed by opening this season with "Kalyana Sounanthigam". She gave another very impressive performance singing "Konjum Nilavu" too but her song two days ago, the classic "Innenikku Pottu kuthaan" was flawless.

Here it is.

Then there is the more-Tamil-speaking Kalpana from Chennai. One of her performances was worth watching as it resemebled Usha Uthup's style so very closely. And lastly Neethi, who sang with abandon in a recent performance. Somehow I am not able to find their videos though. When they are on YouTube I'll link to them.

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