Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More of Alka Ajith

Five days and counting. I still haven't got tired of watching her videos or listening to her songs. Here are some of the best videos.

Alka performing before S Janaki and the legend mentioning that Alka sang the song it better than she did. Incredible! She even mentions that Alka's voice is mature enough for singing for heroines in films.

"Mannippaaya", the song from "Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya" gets a standing ovation from the judges.

"Sahana", sung in an acoustic setting is unbelievable. Her breath control is amazing.

Duet's "Anjali" - Another fantastic performance with an incredible breath controlled "alaap" in middle of the song.

And finally the video of her selection as a contestant in the competition and another spot selection later in the competition. The typical malayalee girl with flowing long hair and looks. Singer Shalini mentioned then that she would be in the finals and so it was.


Barkha Dhar said...

Thanks for sharing about Alka Ajith
Barkha Dhar

Subash S L said...

Most Welcome.

അതുല്യ said...

hi subash,

i'd written about her in 2006 in my blog when she was 8 or so. I accidently saw her on malayalam tv, when she was singing padariyen.. padippareyen... from sindhu bhairavi. Roopa my favourite too subhash. Next life i really pray to god, i need both of them as my daughters :)

അതുല്യ said...

hi subash,
it was a performance during 2006! and i heard it accidently. thanks for replying.