Monday, February 15, 2010

Suresh Gopi can also sing

Who would have guessed this one? Suresh Gopi, known for his action movies and a huge patron of the singing contests on Malayalam Television channels singing a song during the finale of the Much Star Singer. It was a lovely sweet song, thanks to Sharath the composer. I only wish it had more bass to the vocals. It was sung well and the vocals reminded me a lot of Illayaraja's singing.

His wife seated next to actress Bhavana is all but admiration for her husband. What a delight to watch his daughter too.


JJ said...

do u know which album this song is from?? Ranjini was mentioning some album with a frech name.. would u happen to know it?
and yes.. its a super sweet song.. sunddenly i am looking at SuGo from a whole new perspective!!!!

Subash S L said...

Hello JJ, why don't you check YouTube videos.Sharath is the music director no doubt. Suresh Gopi may not become a singer but this one song is really good.