Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mathilugal, What the......

Ok, this post is not for kids or for those who think you aren't adult enough for a mature post.

I haven't seen this Mammooty starrer where he won a National award for best Actor but I was surprised for what I saw last Sunday. While channel skipping I caught the movie being telecast on the Doordharshan's Malayalam channel. However after just a few scenes and shots and I was running for the change channel button on my TV's remote.

I already knew the story line of the movie, about a prison inmate, played by Mammooty falling for another prison inmate, a lady who is imprisoned on the other side of the tall wall separating the men and women prison areas. In the small scene that I saw Mammooty throws a food packet to this lady on the other side. As the food packed falls on the other side the translated conversation goes something like this.

Lady on the other side says "Ouch, your food packet hit my breast".

The conversation continues for a while and then Mammootys says "When I meet you I am going to kiss your face, neck and breasts."

My son had already started asking "What is mona amma, what is mona Acha"? He had incidentally got the Malayalam word wrong while I tried to divert his attention by changing the channel. I guess he'll read this post someday but then I am sure he will be mature enough.

So much for "Mathilugal" which I am told later, is abundantly loaded with similar dialogues. A pity that such obscene things are disguised in the form of an "Art film" and being shown to the public. Wonder what the guys at censor boards do. I guess they are fooled too.

I may have a different opinion if I were to watch the movie in its entirety and more privately. But as of now I have lost that interest.

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