Monday, October 12, 2009

Why you cannot watch cricket while having lunch or dinner

In the U.S during Football season it is custom in many families to get friends and relatives together and have dinners (comprising mostly of Pizzas and pop) together and watch the games. Unfortunately in India you cannot do that for the single most revolting reason and that is - "spitting".

Players are spitting on the ground, players spitting on their hands and rubbing hands together (I saw Ricky Pointing do that disgusting thing in a recent game), spitting drinks after drinking them or gargling their mouths. Players chewing gum and spitting them too. It goes on without any inhibitions that you want to put away your food and take your eyes off the TV screen. It is utterly disgusting. I had mentioned in an earlier post how many Indian players were swearing and though most of them are inaudible the expletives could be clearly understood.

No wonder in Singapore you are fined a hefty fee if found spitting in public. The sale of chewing gum is also banned there considering how much of a pain it is to clean them up if they aren't disposed off properly. Wrigley's gum comes with a silver-shiny foil that you can use to dispose the chewing gum once your are done with it. I am not sure if other chewing-gum makers provide one such foil but unfortunately if the thing is not disposed off properly it can be found everywhere, from cinema seats, toilets, urinals and all those places you can come in contact with giving you such an annoying time. It's a terrible mess if it sticks to hair.

Considering how much spitting goes on here among the general public, India could make a killing if such fines were imposed here too and considering how a huge T.V audience is also watching these matches in close-up mode, I won't mind imposing a fine on spitting players too.

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