Sunday, October 26, 2008

Solution if you get the "Invalid Update Control CTF file" while updating AVG Free anti-virus

I have been using the AVG Free Anti-Virus for about two or more years now and I must say I have had little or no spyware and virus problems. I have used both the 7.5 and the 8 (with anti-spyware) versions. Over the past two days whenever I tried to update the program I was getting the "Invalid Update Control CTF file" error. So if you are getting the same, click on the following blog link for the solution.

I tried the solution and it worked perfectly for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi subash,

Thanks for the info.
I have had the same problem when updating my free AVG anti virus for 2 days but when I follow your workaround on this I no longer experience the "invalid update control ctf file" error when updating my free AVG anti virus.

Thanks a lot again.

Subash S L said...

Hello anonymous,

I have also realised that this is not a one-time fix. You may have to run the script whenever the problem recurs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Subash!

Anonymous said...

Thank you subash!!
I've resolved the problem immediatly