Monday, June 16, 2008

"Of course" she's back

If you thought you could do away with her, you got it all wrong. Ranjini is back on Idea Star Singer after Ramya the new host was on the show for a couple of weeks after ISS 2008 began. This only goes on to show how any habit is hard to change. People who has been watching Ranjini and cursing her cannot seem to get rid of her on the show and have voted her back. Music director Sharath who was also one of the judges in the ISS 2007 panel is also back. Although I like most of his comments and his technical ability he is not one of those who you can take easy or for a ride. I have a feeling it won't be long before M G Sreekumaran also returns to the judging panel. Ouseppachan is a bore most of the time.

I have some early favorites in both male and female contestants in the show, I will wait for some more weeks when only the cream of the crop is filtered. The show gets more interesting after that happens.


Joyce said...

Don't you think that a longer gestation period would have been ideal before the new competition. did they not take into account viewer fatigue, which I am certain there is. wish to know your thoughts on that.

Subash S L said...

I agree with you Joyce. Most certainly we all needed a break. Many of us have yet to recover from many such reality shows. Personally I don't watch ISS like I used to watch it for 2007. I'll wait a couple of more months. I do take a peek whenever a song is sung well though. Keep in touch.