Friday, April 21, 2006

My Wordpress blog goes live

Hello friends, my blog on great music that remains anonymous went live today with my first review being posted this morning. This is my way of trying to make these great albums and songs less anonymous by spreading the news about them. The blog is called great-anonymous-music. I must confess that this blog is dearer to me than my personal or my music blog. Boy am I passionate about it! The fun part is I use WordPress, the blogging software for this blog. If you are considering serious and professional blogging you must take a look at this software. It is highly flexible and can be tweaked with some effort but the learning curve is very small. You can tweak themes to give your blog a professional look. If you have your own domain and are on a hosting plan, WordPress is the blogging software you need to be checking out. The best part is this. It’s free and has awesome documentation and support. There are currently over 600 WordPress themes and counting. Imagine the choices you have for your blog’s theme. To learn more about WordPress here is the link,


Mustang said...

hey thats cool subash. nice template too..


Mustang said...

could you also post links so that we can get to listen to these bands

Subash S L said...

Hey David,

From the great-anonymous-albums blog I have a link at the bottom where you can go to amazon's page to sample the songs but you get to listen to only a 10 or 15 second sample of each song. Try buying or getting it from someone or better still you know.... You are the master.