Friday, March 31, 2006

The abominable butcher is back

I couldn’t believe it when Sri brought to me the news of Mel Gibson’s next movie. It hit me like an electric shock. The first thought was this. How perfectly well I had forecasted that Mel’s next movie would be one closely related to or worse than the butchering of that he did in “The Passion”. One of my predictions was that he would make a movie on human sacrifice most probably of the Aztecs. I came very close. Mel’s next movie “Apocalypto” is about human sacrifice and the Mayan culture. If this trend continues you can expect more such gruesome stuff in the name of entertainment or movies from this very sick guy. I think this is really a wake-up call for me to finish what I so eagerly wanted to write about; the horrible movie “The Passion of the Christ” which was made for Mel’s sadomasochist desires disguised in the name of religion. “Apocalypto” and maybe many others to follow are only going to confirm this side of him.


Mustang said...

the Passion of the Christ was a true representation of what happened years ago, gruesome yes, but moved hearts as well....


Subash S L said...

Hey David,

I am not denying Christ, or crusifixion. I am also not trying to say it wasn't brutal either. But Mel's movie is a gross exaggeration. I am only against this brutality that was shown in the name of religion. Mel Gibson himself said it that he has shown Christ's death "in his own way". Why should someone focus only on the brutal ordeal of Christ. Doesn't Jesus's noble life mean anything to us than that ordeal. What other good thing of Jesus's life can that horrible movie convey?

Remember the last scenes of Bravehart where this guy is lifted on the cross and then subsequently tortured and executed. Right from those days he has been obsessed with either self inflicting torture or torturing others. I believe in the last scenes where they show Jesus being nailed it is Mel's hands that are being shown nailing Jesus to the cross. This is nothing but sadomasochism man. And now he is upto another project of torture and death. This time Human Sacrifice in the Mayan culture. I almost predicted this. In fact I even know what he is upto next. The whole thing is sick!