Sunday, November 20, 2005

Two touching stories from two weeks ago

It is sad and appalling that so many people are being killed in Iraq everyday and we can only be mute witnesses to these reports. Will there ever be an end? I can only pray for those helpless people there. My heart goes out to those helpless Americans too who have no escape from the totally unwanted situation they have been put into as they are suffering human losses too. When I was studying ancient civilizations in school little did I realize that this would be the Iraq and Mesopotamia I would be hearing, seeing and reading about then.

When there is so much of hostility in the world today there are incidents that move you and one's that the world can learn from. One such incident happend two weeks ago.

In the sensitive West Bank area Israeli soldiers gun down a 12 year old boy mistaking his toy gun for a real one. (Can you imagine that? If you are within the visual vicinity of these soldiers make sure you don't scratch your head even if it itches real bad. The soldiers may mistake you thinking you are gonna hurl a grenade!) The parents of the dead boy then donate his organs to needy Israeli patients awaiting transplants.

Read all about the moving story by following this link:

We are all one. Aren't we? How man's thinking separates him and his brethren biased on colour, caste, religion, language, country, even accent. God proves this oneness time and again with incidents such as these.


The second story is certainly not for the squeamish.

Human Guinea pigs were not made out of war prisoners alone. Scapegoats and misled people were easy targets for researchers and here is one very tragic story. It is sad I missed this one in all these years. Already a popular book titled "The boy who was raised as a girl" this is the sad and moving story of David Reimer and the dangers of pitting science vs nature.

Here are links to the full story.

BBC Horizon's report for a report that I read on BBC

and for the original story by John Colapinto as it appeared in Rolling Stone magazine,

and finally a similar report but one with more pictures of David,


Mustang said...

well, the second story was quite gruesome.. thinking about the state in which he would have felt to know what he had to go throught his 38 years of life..
Touching though, but its quite gruesome...



Subash S L said...

Hey David,

Thanks for the response and nice to know that you have a blog of your own too.

And yes, no one should be punished so cruelly as David Reimer was. Very tragic indeed.